3D Panoramic Imagery - MWH Global Brunei

Brunei Public Works Department leverages the power of 3D panoramic imagery to assist in road maintenance planning.
MWH Global, Bandar Seri Begawan Brunei

Business Challenge
MWH Global is a multi-national engineering company that provides planning, design and construction management services.

MWH’s client, the Public Works Department (PWD) of Brunei, was seeking assistance on the maintenance of roads and public infrastructure following a 5 year $600 million ‘National Development Plan’ of road construction throughout the country. However, MWH found that PWD lacked a consistent road centreline and attribute database and that data capture had been ad-hoc rather than to a specific standard over the whole road network.

MWH was faced with a ‘greenfield’ data capture exercise to tie project data together with an accurate centreline and validate the data attributes against the as-built road network.

MWH identified that 3D panoramic imagery of the road network would be the ideal way to get a thorough understanding of the as-built assets.

Services Overview
As an experienced provider of asset capture services, Geomatic Technologies (GT) was engaged by MWH to collect stereographic 3D street level imagery over 1700 kilometres of Brunei’s road network.

GT rapidly mobilised and fitted a MWH vehicle with a special rig that employs a unique stereo panoramic camera array to collect high-resolution 360° stereographic imagery with corresponding latitude, longitude and elevation data point for every pixel.

A transportable differential Global Positioning System (GPS) reference station was coordinated with the field teams operating area to provide enhanced sub-metre spatial accuracy of the 3D imagery.

GT captured Brunei’s Arterial and Collector road network including both sides of dual motorways over a three to four week period during the dry season. Processing and final delivery of data was completed one month later.

The 3D imagery was able to be consumed by PWD’s existing ESRI ArcGIS mapping solution where asset data could be extracted from the imagery and existing asset data validated within the 3D panoramas.

Using a simple desktop viewer, the 3D imagery was also made available to users throughout the Brunei Government.

GT’s services provided the following outcomes to the client:

  • The 3D imagery was a faster and more cost effective way to assess as-built road assets than using on-site survey teams.
  • An accurate road centreline was automatically produced to supersede manual digitising from aerial ortho-photography.
  • PWD’s existing ArcGIS investment was leveraged through integration of the 3D imagery via an ArcGIS plug-in.
  • Virtual site visits to the road network could be undertaken by any government employee, providing cost efficiencies across government departments.