Property Information Management Systems (PIMS) - Yarra Valley Water

Water utility improves business performance by leveraging authoritative address and property information
Yarra Valley Water, Victoria Australia

Business Challenge
Yarra Valley Water (YVW) is a Victorian Government owned corporation that provides water and sewerage services to more than 1.5 million people across the Yarra River catchment in the northern and eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

YVW maintains a variety of business systems that rely on accurate address information. Functions such as finance, engineering, asset management and customer service all store their own address information in a range of formats.

The lack of authoritative address information had led to inaccurate data and duplicated effort, as well as data versioning and synchronisation issues between business units.

YVW’s Property Information Management System (PIMS) was designed to provide accurate property information to its business units. External data feeds from address and property information sources were being accepted from 16 local governments and 1 regulatory body. YVW was looking for a way to resolve inconsistencies with address information and turned to Geomatic Technologies (GT) for help.

Solution Overview
GT Loca is an industry proven, fully managed cloud service that delivers a ‘single point of truth’ for address and property information.

The YVW solution from GT contains a library of hosted web services that allow PIMS to search, verify, and administer address based information.

In carrying out day-to-day business, YVW business units needed to create ‘proposed addresses’ for new connections, new customer accounts or to plan maintenance activities. The GT Loca solution tailors for this and for later validation with official government databases of these ‘proposed addresses’.

As part of an ongoing service, GT both stores and hosts authoritative address and parcel information for YVW. For example, GT loads and updates the VicMap Address data set provided by the Department of Sustainability and Environment every fortnight. Any changes to government address data that affects YVW’s service locations are automatically flagged and supplied to YVW.

The GT Loca solution at YVW provides the following outcomes:

  • Business processes have access to a ‘single point of truth’ for property and address information improving data accuracy and lowering data maintenance costs.
  • The effectiveness of business systems that rely on accurate address information is improved as are the management decisions that rely on information from these systems.
  • The cost spirals associated with data inaccuracies and address data management are avoided.
  • YVW can focus on its core business activities rather than on non-core data integrity issues.

Images above from left to right
YVW supplies water to 1.5 million people. GT Loca function and design diagrams. New house under construction, new water connections often require a ‘proposed address’.