Geomatic Technologies (GT) develops advanced mobile and spatial technology solutions to solve complex asset and data management challenges in the utility, transport and government sectors.

For more than 20 years, GT has worked closely with essential infrastructure owners, operators and maintainers, meeting their unique needs with technology solutions that capture, manage, and analyse asset condition and performance data.

As a division of Select Solutions, GT’s key strength is in creating solutions that deliver ‘Asset Intelligence’. That is, solutions that empower infrastructure businesses to make truly informed decisions about their assets.

GT’s portfolio includes solutions and services for mobile workforce management, asset capture and inspection, spatial BI and data analytics.

Research and Development

GT prides itself on being innovative and in delivering beyond your expectations.

Our memberships with industry associations and our close ties with universities and government research councils underpin our innovative practices and, along with our own research and development programs, enables us to close the loop from theory to real life application.