As part of the Victorian State Government’s level crossing removal project for the suburban rail network, GT’s Data Services team has been commissioned to undertake a feature survey of the Kororoit Creek Road level crossing. Over 20 000 vehicles and 100 trains use the crossing daily, the removal of which will reduce congestion and allow an increase in train frequency.

Using a Riegl VZ-400 terrestrial laser scanner, GT created a geo-referenced 3D point cloud of the rail corridor and surrounding streets, consisting of over 40 separate scan positions. The coordinates of all relevant above and below ground infrastructure, ranging from electricity pits to overhead stanchions, was extracted and presented in a comprehensive feature survey.  GT implemented a complex Survey Control network to correlate the various LiDAR scans and to underpin subsequent design and construction phases of the project.
The benefit of GT’s approach is the 3D LiDAR point cloud that permits an unparalleled ability to calculate spatial locations and relationships between features. The point cloud also provides an intuitive and impressive visualisation format allowing easy dissemination of the feature survey results.