Rail Condition Monitoring

Our rail condition monitoring solutions and services play a critical role in helping passenger, freight and tram operators in Australia  meet their modern asset management requirements, while also meeting the strict requirements of rail regulators across Australia.

Railway Laser Clearance Surveys

Laser surveys of railways networks at ‘line speed’ have become the safest and fastest way to get critical clearance information on track-side assets. Laser data of rail networks is an incredibly valuable resource as it can be reprocessed for different purposes as needs arise.

GT works with clients in North America, Australia and New Zealand to solve complex engineering challenges using laser data. We are experts in the collection, processing and analysis to meet your particular requirements.

Track Geometry Measurement

The GT track geometry and ride quality solution integrates the world’s leading technology along with a spatial analysis capability giving rail organistions a low risk option for periodical network condition surveys.

Mechanised Track Patrol

With MTP, high-resolution digital cameras record corridor, rail and track imagery and track patrols are then simulated in the safety of an office environment.  MTP integrates with common asset management platforms to support the integrity and continuity of the defect management process.

Infrastructure Clearance Assessment and Analysis

Essential infrastructure owners and maintainers are exploring new ways to efficiently and cost-effectively ensure that requisite clearances for assets across their networks are safeguarded. The use of LiDAR and imaging technologies is now playing a vital role in quickly identifying locations where clearances between assets and between assets and vegetation are already or close to being breached.

Powerline Condition Monitoring

We apply the latest techniques when performing condition monitoring of powerline conductors and pole top infrastructure. Using the latest imaging and sensor technologies including telephoto zoom lenses we collect high quality imagery that we use to assess the condition of cross-arms, insulators and conductors

Power Line Clearance Surveys

GT works with leading utilities to assess electrical infrastructure that spans major road networks. Our technology-based solutions can quickly and accurately identify and report on overhead power lines that do not meet regulation heights.

Vegetation Assessments

Linear networks owners need smarter ways to manage the vegetation that can encroach on assets. Accurate assessments of vegetation leads to better cost controls and lower risks for operating assets.

In close cooperation with Australian power and rail networks we have developed an end to end LiDAR solution for the efficient collection, processing, analysis and reporting of vegetation clearances.

The solution has been developed to support the easy loading of vegetation assessment information into customer ERP systems for downstream workflows and reporting.