How it Works:

We work with our clients to select the right aircraft and flying methods, using LiDAR, imagery, and other sensory equipment, to maximise the data capture and quality in single pass, while covering vast distances quickly and efficiently.

Our multi-craft approach means we use the right aircraft to achieve the best deliverables. For example: to accurately measure and review vegetation line clearances, easements, pole lean, cross-arms position and condition, easement encroachments and access restrictions.

Examples of equipment attached to the aircraft include: various LiDAR scanners, multiple high-resolution cameras, weather sensors, 4K video and thermal infrared that enables quality outputs that remove subjectivity and increase accuracy.

Aerial Data Capture is well suited for above ground linear assets, producing data that drives configurable reporting detailing solutions to meet our clients’ ranging needs such as:

  • Effective network management and maintenance
  • Vegetation and bushfire management
  • Network planning
  • Engineering
  • Customer service


  • Fast data capture – the multi-craft capabilities offers a rapid data collection method where various data assets can be covered within days, rather than weeks, in a single pass.
  • Quality, accurate & reliable data capture – the innovative aerial capabilities leaves limited room for human error meaning you only receive premium data. Applying a standardised approach ensures data capture methods are consistent and processed into configurable reports that safeguard your business for compliance and any regulatory requirements.
  • Cost and time saving reports – a modern solution to traditional ground inspection methods, save time and money by collecting your data in bulk, at scale. 
  • Improve safety, reduce risks – using accurate, less subjective data collected by traditional manual ground inspections ensures you can quickly identify potential hazards, such fires that can be caused by vegetation encroachments, and manage risks across your asset network.
  • Secure onshore data processing & management – be assured your data and network security remains protected using automated data processing with only the highest quality standardised and classification methods deployed.
  • Paul Layzell

    Manager Aerial Services

    t: (03) 9694 4244