AIMS can accurately map, measure, document and record a wide range of network infrastructure data.

Geomatic Technologies’ Asset Inspection Mapping System (AIMS) can accurately map, measure, document and record a wide range of network infrastructure data and deliver it to you in a fast, flexible way.Perfect for assets like road, rail, power, water, telecommunications and other networks, AIMS is a leading edge solution that maps the entire system ‘at speed’ from specially equipped vehicles, collecting high quality data for audits, inspections, asset documentation, planning, maintenance and asset lifecycle management.

Geomatic Technologies can tailor a solution to suit your requirements. Data can be collected via rail, air, vehicle or even handheld devices like mobile phones or PDAs, using a variety of different data capture tools including GPS, inertial systems, laser technology and digital cameras.

AIMS data can be configured for use with handheld devices such as mobiles or PDAs, cross-referenced with existing data including mileage databases, and stored for use in future planning.

Most importantly, you get the information fast, so you can act quickly to manage and maintain your assets and plan for the future.


It's Fast

Rapid turn-around ensures that data can be in your hands sooner than you think.


By merging data from multiple capture formats, AIMS provides a highly accurate picture of your network.


Field data is captured in one high-speed pass through your network providing an extremely efficient, cost-effective way to get the information you need.


AIMS can capture all the data you require and deliver it to you in one collective environment, so you get the complete picture.


AIMS is a leading edge data capture solution to underpin effective asset development, planning and management. AIMS offers a number of benefits compared with traditional data collection, including:

Speed & Accuracy

  • Speed of capture – networks are mapped ‘at speed’; from utility vehicles equipped with a range of equipment tailored to your requirements
  • Real time, or close to real-time operation and analysis
  • Multiple data formats used simultaneously, to collect maximum data in minimum time
  • Accuracy of information – more information, and more accurate data, than manual patrols
  • Excellent coverage – AIMS vehicles operate at high speed
  • Cost effective collection of high-value information.

Data Management

  • Easy cross-referencing with existing mileage, chainage, distribution zone or map coordinates
  • Precise information on structure gauge encroachments for accurate assessment against current and future rolling stock requirements
  • Easy identification and location of faults or defects
  • Visual review of imagery offline to allow identification and verification of network elements
  • Easy-share information – data can be forwarded or shared with others for action, or to request a second opinion or extra information
  • Better documentation – precise information on the network condition through object, damage, cause reporting


  • Improved safety for maintenance employees by reducing the need for foot patrol and allowing inspection in controlled conditions
  • Easy supervision for management and supervisors


AIMS technology can be applied to an almost limitless range of data capture situations across infrastructure including road, rail, power and other utilities. These applications include:

Laser Structure Gauge Survey

Using high-speed reflectorless lasers teamed with GPS and digital camera equipment, data was gathered on the track profile, alignment and associated infrastructure of a major state-wide rail network. As well as identifying structure gauge encroachments, the data provided a valuable archive against which current and future rolling stock can be assessed.

Mechanised Track Patrol (MTP)

An AIMS based MTP solution has replaced routine on-foot track patrols for the operator of a large city rail network, minimsing track time and reducing safety risks for track inspectors.The solution efficiently captures rail, track and easement imagery for offline track inspection, improving defect identification and monitoring, while integrating seemlessly with corporate defect managements systems.

Rail Asset Survey

The AIMS solution was used to gather comprehensive information about a state-wide rail network and associated assets. By collecting data at high speed, AIMS mapped more than 7,000 kilometres of track, recording the location, physical details and condition of every associated asset – such as signals, stations, level crossings, bridges and turnouts. The data collected provides an important resource for engineers and public transport planners.

Power Network Asset Survey

A State electricity company used AIMS to audit its rural assets including more than 190,000 power poles, each with up to 37 additional attributes including switches, lights, conductors, service connections and transformers. The field verified asset data now underpins the organisation’s enterprise-wide asset management and geographic information systems.

Street Asset Audits

The AIMS solution has been used to undertake surveys of road, bus and street light networks. Streetlight data was collected using a comprehensive data dictionary while bus stop and associated route data was captured and supplemented with digital photos. The streetlight data is being used to plan a lamp replacement program, while bus stop data forms the backbone of asset management and journey-planner web services.