AIMS 3D Field Capture System

  • High-resolution cameras provide detailed 360-degree panoramic imagery
  • Survey accurate GPS and IMU sensors deliver exact positioning and alignment data.
  • Engineering quality LiDAR enables accurate mapping and measurement.


AIMS 3D Web Viewer

  • View panoramic images and LiDAR point cloud data in standard web browsers without any plug-ins.
  • Access legacy earthmine and the latest AIMS 3D imagery in a single interface.
  • Measure asset locations and offsets.
  • Visualise and update GIS data.
  • View changes over time with chronological data mapping and measurement.
  • Supports visualisation alongside your linear reference data.


  • Fast. AIMS 3D can be mounted on road or rail vehicles for rapid image and LiDAR capturing.
  • Safe. Conduct mapping from the safety of your office.
  • Simple. Anyone in your organization can easily access information via the browser- based web viewer.
  • Tailored. Sensor configurations are customisable to align with your individual business needs.
  • Integrated. AIMS 3D imagery can be easily embedded in to any web based application without the need for programming, or can be fully integrated into third-party products via the AIMS 3D API.
  • Cost-effective. Cheaper than traditional survey methods, AIMS 3D also lets you re-use imagery for ad-hoc network reviews and reduces the need for additional field visits.
  • Rapid processing. The AIMS 3D processing platform lets you view imagery and extract value soon after capturing.
  • Cohesive. AIMS 3D Field Capture System works alongside complementary GT solutions (such as AIMS Analyser and AIMS Clearance) for a complete surveying solution.
  • Gary Butcher

    Manager – Solutions and Innovation

    t: (03) 9694 4244