Reduce the cost of data maintenance without compromising service of safety

The option to reduce costs by carrying out data maintenance offshore has been available for years now but few network owners have taken up the opportunity because of concern about risks to service, safety and information security. Other barriers are the cost of developing and testing a workable model, the potential pain of transition, and the unknown quantity of managing a contract with an offshore supplier once in business-as-usual mode.

Geomatic Technologies’ investment in our offshore partnerships in every aspect of process design, systems, standards and training means that you can take advantage of the considerable cost savings of off-shoring data maintenance without risk.

Data integrity

Geomatic Technologies has developed a model that guarantees data integrity from the moment your staff enter information in the field or at the desk to the moment you call on it for any business-critical decision. This model is also designed to ensure service continuity so that data integrity is always there.

Our ethos of continuous improvement means that we are always looking for ways to ensure a close connection between what’s going on in the field and the records in your GIS and asset management system.


“A cost-optimal data maintenance model that delivers high-quality, timely data for operational and strategic decision-making is essential to a utility business.”


Dr Allen Tam Asset Intelligence and Insights Manager, AusNet Services

Information security

Geomatic Technologies ensures that offshore infrastructure and processes comply with your ICT security requirements through:

  • secure remote desktop connections;
  • workstations with up-to-date antivirus and desktop firewalls, unique user IDs and password controls, content-based filtering software for email and web traffic, and policy enforcement through Microsoft Active Directory Group Policies;
  • servers with antivirus software installed, system security policies and access control enforced, with logging enabled, periodic log reviews performed and centralised patch management processes; and
  • network architecture with security controls at each tier and monitoring of all connections to the virtual private network (VPN).

Driving down cost | Customer case study: millions in estimated annual savings

Fast and smooth transition

Geomatic Technologies will work with your business to develop a mobilisation and transition plan covering activities, logistics, time frames, milestones and deliverables.

This together with our expertise, experience and large dedicated staff ensures a smooth and fast transition with no impact to quality. The benefits to your business are obvious—crews are not stranded in the field without the equipment or information they need to action tasks, management aren’t diverted from running the business, customer response and emergency management will not be compromised.

Business as usual

Geomatic Technologies provides a tailored service. Our analysts work with your teams up front on a rigorous definition of requirements to ensure we design a solution that will run smoothly in business as usual.

In fact we believe that it will be business better than usual. Our approach is innovative. We are always looking for opportunities to improve process design and contract management practices—improvements that we pass through to you as a lower cost of data maintenance. The design of our model also means that we take responsibility for contract and resource management, flexing to suit your business and network requirements and freeing up your staff for other business needs.

How would this work?

With our expertise in project management, data analysis and maintenance and contract management you can be confident at every step from business case to business as usual. The Geomatic Technologies team will work closely with you to ensure a smooth transition.

Geomatic Technologies’ data maintenance model has been specially developed to meet the requirements of utilities and network owners. We know your business, we know data and we are committed to innovation. What this means for you is not only lower costs of data maintenance without risk to service—it means new opportunities to grow and optimise your business.

  • Garry Beacroft

    Senior Manager - Data Maintenance

    t: (03) 9694 4244
    m: 0431 905 032