Mobile workforce management is a challenge, especially if you need to manage assets, faults and schedule resources over wide geographic areas

Geomatic Technologies’ Field Mobile Computing (FMC) is an advanced, award-winning solution which has been proven in practice at leading utilities and government agencies.

Flexible and highly configurable, FMC links into your existing systems, extending their power by connecting them to the field, so you can plan your field work, manage your crews and share information more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Geomatic Technologies (GT) can implement a solution quickly and efficiently to have you up and running fast. Each solution is configured to your particular needs, connecting your field staff to your enterprise in a smart and reliable way.

The solution to help manage your assets and mobile workforce.



Wherever your field crews go, whatever they’re doing, FMC goes with them providing efficient two-way ‘occasionally connected – always available’ operation. That means they can work on their mobile devices at any time and then be connected to your business systems as needed, whenever and wherever communications are available.


FMC allows you to plan all field-based activities from the office browser, share data with crews in the field, and manage your staff and resources efficiently. By integrating with your spatial data, FMC allows you to optimise your planning, provide field navigation and easily track crew activities.


FMC allows you to improve performance while reducing your costs through better management of resources and more accurate cost-tracking and invoicing.


FMC comes with high levels of security to ensure your data is always protected from unauthorised access and includes the ability to ‘remote wipe’ mobile devices.


FMC is configured to suit your individual business requirements, and its modular nature means it can scale as your business grows.


“FMC is an advanced solution that allows you to mobilise existing business processes and provides you with the tools to effectively manage a mobile workforce.”

More Efficient Planning

  • Plan and package jobs from the office with quick and easy dispatch to staff in the field
  • Schedule work, manage staff resources and review present and future workloads
  • Locate your crew – obtain real-time information to locate teams and track progress

Easy, Secure Data Sharing

  • Two-way data flow and automatic connection allows information to be sent from the office to the field, or the field to the office, whenever and wherever communications are available
  • Secure data transfer and optional data lockouts ensure your data is secure and protected from unauthorised access even when the solution is used by multiple contractors
  • Easy system upgrades as the software on your mobile units along with any reference data can be upgraded without returning to the office

Improved Workflow and Management

  • Powerful work order planning, monitoring and tracking improves workflow management
  • Advanced integrated map functionality allows you to see the location of assets, work and crews at any time. Field crews can take up-to-date map information into the field for improved efficiencies
  • Improved job preparation means jobs are allocated to teams with the right skills and equipment every time
  • Higher customer satisfaction because your teams arrive fully briefed and prepared for each job

Improved Cost-Control and Profitability

  • Better management of resources
  • More accurate cost-tracking and invoicing
  • Fast implementation and rapid return on investment


FMC can support a broad range of field-based activities and is used in many applications across industry including:

Asset Inspection

Utilities and transport networks use FMC for field-based asset inspections. Inspectors rely on its ‘occasionally connected’ capabilities in remote or built-up areas where communications are not always reliable. When connected, inspectors automatically receive new work orders and associated data and can upload completed work and photos. Software and reference data upgrades are managed centrally and deployed to inspectors in the field.

Clients can view upcoming inspection work, split, combine or redistribute work as needed, drip feed the work to multiple contractors and manage the whole inspection life cycle. Different contractors can work on the same asset at the same time, but information specific to each contractor – such as works completed and billing information – is always kept secure.

Full random auditing of completed work allows clients to measure contractors’ performance and evaluate pay rates, while contractors can use the solution to generate invoices without accessing the client’s core systems.

Asset Capture

FMC supports field-based asset capture initiatives and works over large geographic areas or in smaller localised asset networks.

FMC is configured to perfectly replicate paper-based asset capture forms on a hand held device. Validation of data at point of entry ensures that information from the field is correct first time, every time and does not have to be checked again by another resource.

With FMC, information on any field asset can be captured and data is seamlessly transferred to corporate systems.

Defect and Maintenance Management

FMC solutions are used by utilities and transport networks to enable auditors to trace, log and manage defects during new construction works. It provides full traceability of all activities for audit purposes – ‘who did what when’ information to support construction completion targets and to analyse contractor performance.

FMC enables rapid transfer of audit information between field staff and contractors, streamlining the auditing process and realising efficiency gains. Staff can work in ‘unconnected mode’ in remote locations or in built-up areas where communication coverage is poor without impacting on workflows and data integrity.

FMC includes map-based visualisation in both office and field environments to give office users a comprehensive overview of activities across all construction sites and to assist in navigation to worksites and assets.

Meter Reading and Meter Replacement

FMC supports both meter reading and meter replacement initiatives.

It can read any meter type and allows the integration of electricity, gas and water meter reading in one solution. It provides full traceability of meter reading activities, allowing meter readers to share vital information such as the presence of hazards at certain sites.

FMC also supports meter replacement initiatives such as smart meter rollouts. It supports the multiple workflows needed to result in a successful meter replacement at each customer site. These include workflows to manage customer notifications of meter replacements in line with regulatory requirements, as well as workflows to manage multiple site visits and multiple contractors undertaking meter replacement work. FMC also includes the ability to photograph and record information on any hazards encountered at customer sites that can prevent or delay meter replacement, and tracks and validates each new meter installed through an inbuilt barcode scanner.

Vegetation Management

FMC is used to manage the full lifecycle of vegetation management from planning through to cutting and for auditing completed work.

With FMC, clients can assign different tasks or work areas to their cutting contractors who in turn can dispatch tasks to field staff, while managing all work centrally. Different work areas are assigned to different contractors who use the system to track all work undertaken and generate invoices.

FMC also provides the analysis, statistics and accountability needed to satisfy regulations and other government requirements.