As the volume of geospatial data continues to rise, organisations need ways to effectively store, manipulate, validate and visualise this data and provide frictionless access to the enterprise.

Loca is a suite of 4 cloud-based services:

  • Loca Cache delivers secure content management with enterprise access to spatial datasets
  • Loca Transform provides a suite of powerful tools and processes for the transformation of spatial data
  • Loca View brings your location data to life, making it easier to visualise, analyse and understand by displaying it on a map
  • Loca Explore allows business systems to verify and update address and property data from authoritative data sources including your own data.

GT Loca is adaptable and scalable to meet the changing needs of your business.

Geomatic Technologies (GT) can provision a Loca service quickly to have you up and running fast. Each service can be tailored to your needs and is backed by our specialist knowledge and extensive experience, offering a proven solution to support your enterprise information management in a powerful, cost-effective way.



With Loca, the data that resides outside your organisation is secure and our systems are subject to frequent and detailed security audits. Our processes and procedures are constantly reviewed to ensure they remain consistent with the latest global standards.


Loca services are designed to enhance organisational performance and efficiency while maintaining service levels that are vital to critical enterprise systems.


Building Loca into your existing IT operations can address data silos in your organisation. Loca adopts standards-based solutions in provisioning services across firewalls.


Loca has been in use in government and private enterprises for many years, bringing the power of software as a service to legacy systems.


Easy, secure data access

  • Quick and easy – anytime, anywhere on-demand and frictionless access to large datasets
  • Save time – know where your spatial data is stored so you can query it whenever you need to
  • Security and availability – helps you keep spatial data secure and readily available to the enterprise

Improved Workflow & Management

  • Co-location of data and processing services – tap into virtual storage and processing power for quick and easy data transformation and analysis on large datasets
  • Scalable – lag times are reduced with dynamically provisioned services that scale to deliver during peak loads
  • Extensible – our architecture is designed for enterprise deployment and integration of web services

Improved Data Quality

  • Single point of truth’ – with a ‘single point of truth’ for critical reference data Loca gives you the power to integrate business systems across the enterprise
  • Data accuracy – systematically resolve entrenched data inaccuracies across your enterprise

Data Visualisation

  • Simple and powerful visualisation – make business data easier to visualise, analyse and understand


The Loca suite has broad business, utility and government application, answering your spatial questions and making business data easier to visualise, analyse and understand without the need for all users to be trained in GIS. These applications include:

Government – Better access to data

Loca facilitates information sharing across government services such as Emergency Services, Education, Environment, and Transportation. Loca empowers non-GIS users by providing them ready access to spatial data and associated business data. Loca supports Government 2.0 initiatives of more open and transparent government and greater collaboration by improving the public’s access to government information.

Power and Rail - Linear infrastructure network operations

Today, power and rail utilities are collecting and storing vast amounts of LIDAR data of their linear networks. This data is captured through periodical aerial and mobile mapping surveys and is used to support maintenance operations, design and planning needs across multiple business units of the enterprise.

Loca Cache makes the storage and management of spatial datasets easy by leveraging the best elements of cloud computing. With Loca Transform for the transformation of large LIDAR datasets (reformatting, pre-processing etc.), GT is able to support the ready access and use of spatial data across the enterprise.

In summary, Loca Cache and Transform support cost effective and easy access to large spatial datasets across the enterprise.

Water – Accurate service address

Loca Explore resolves address inaccuracies across the enterprise and facilitates the integration of business systems that rely on accurate property and address information.

Accurate service address is essential to the efficient operation of a water authority and, as such, address is a core index across water authority business systems.

Loca Explore is used by water authorities to improve the accuracy of service addresses by linking authoritative property address information and providing the address resolution tools to efficiently resolve address inaccuracies across business systems. By using Loca Explore as the authoritative address source for the enterprise, other benefits are realised over time including the effective integration of business systems that rely on accurate property and address information.

Insurance – Better situational awareness

Loca View helps insurers to quickly visualise assets, risks and other insurance relevant information via immersive user-friendly map-based visualisations. Viewing insured assets on a map interface enables better situational awareness and supports more effective decision making.

By integrating Loca Explore address verification engines with Loca View, an enterprise can improve existing workflows that rely on accurate address and property information.

All Industries – Address verification at point of entry

Loca Explore address prediction tools will largely eliminate data errors at the point of entry through auto correction functions, thereby protecting your customer data from a common cause of incorrect data. Accurate address information enables more effective communication with customers, save costs from lower volumes of returned mail and facilitates spatial analysis to yield business insight of customers and risks.