BART – 3D Imagery and LiDAR for San Francisco

Rail & Transport
AIMS3D, North America

Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) in San Francisco identified that a transit asset data collection project was needed to underpin the success of its major IT system initiatives and growth planning.

As a specialist supplier of rail asset information, Geomatic Technologies was tasked with collecting 3D panoramic imagery and LiDAR datasets across the BART network and using specialist tools and techniques to extract current asset information from these datasets.

Geomatic Technologies mobilised its camera and laser equipment onto a BART rail maintenance vehicle. Accurate inertial positioning equipment was also deployed so that any data recorded through parts of the network with little or no GPS (e.g. long underground sections such as the Transbay Tube) could be mapped and assigned accurate milepost and stationing values. Geomatic Technologies’ rapid rail data acquisition technology was able to record all project data over three recording days with minimal disruption to revenue services.

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