Yarra Valley Water – Authoritative address and property information


Yarra Valley Water operates a variety of business systems that rely on accurate address information. Functions such as finance, engineering, asset management and customer service all store their own address information in a range of formats.

The lack of authoritative address information led to inaccurate data and duplicated effort, as well as data versioning and synchronisation issues between business units.

Geomatic Technologies deployed Loca, the proven, fully managed cloud service that delivers a ‘single point of truth’ for address and property information.

As part of  ongoing service, authoritative address and parcel information is stored and supplied. For example, Geomatic Technologies loads and updates the VicMap Address data set provided by the Department of Sustainability and Environment every fortnight. Any changes to government address data that affects Yarra Valley Water’s service locations are automatically flagged and supplied.

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