Electricity Infrastructure

Network-wide asset information informing decisions, reducing costs and increasing safety.











Vegetation Management

Our power pedigree

For over 20 years we have been working with leading electricity infrastructure businesses. Whether to manage risk, control costs, or meet compliance regulations, our solutions solve problems that large electricity businesses face.

As the leading provider of network-wide collection, processing and delivery of asset information, our end-to-end offering means we help you at every stage of asset intelligence and workforce management.

Data Capture & Asset Mapping

We have the technology, people and experience to offer electricity businesses the most comprehensive and cost effective data capture services available.

Our ground and aerial vehicle mounted capture systems incorporate LiDAR scanners, GPS, high-resolution cameras, weather sensors, 4K video, thermal infrared and more – ensuring you have a complete picture of your network.

Data Processing & Analysis

Automatically identify the largest range of assets, defects, vegetation and ground clearances – as well as predicting asset failures before they occur.

Our solutions use machine learning and powerful analysis to help you discover and explore the links between environment, operations, service quality, asset condition, reliability and safety.

Visualisation & Reporting

Fast access to accurate, reliable information and reports is critical for people across your business.

Whether for strategic decisions, compliance or maintenance, our solutions ensure that your staff get the information they need, regardless of whether they are in the office or out in the field.

Mobile Workforce Management

Our map-based solution FMC, helps you manage your mobile workforce and streamline your operations.

FMC manages critical field-based activities including inspections, defect management, replacements, fault/outage management, vegetation management, meter reading and meter replacements.

Data Maintenance

Accurate asset information is essential for efficient, safe delivery of electricity. It’s also vital for a fast and confident response in an emergency.

Our data maintenance model guarantees data integrity from the moment your staff enter information in the field or at their desk, to the moment you call on it for any business-critical decision.

End-to-End Vegetation Management

Capture – Assess – Report – Action

Fast, detailed network & vegetation Data – including LiDAR

Capture – Assess – Report – Action

Hazard trees, classification, prioritisation and automated encroachment detection

Capture – Assess – Report – Action

Simple compliance and powerful information – including costs, status and more

Capture – Assess – Report – Action

Cutting programs, job allocation & contractor management

Simplified Vegetation Management – on your desk and in your hand

A solution specifically for vegetation management in electricity network environments – developed, proven and refined for over 15 years.

  • Real-time reports on work progress
  • Photos, location and history for each asset and work activity
  • The right crew assigned to the right job
  • Track contractor performance
  • Automated procedures on mobile devices
  • LiDAR integration

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