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Powerful spatial information for service delivery, maintenance & emergency response.

Better spatial information for better communities

For over 20 years we have been helping government agencies, educational institutions and the public sector leverage the power of spatial information.

Through our experience we have developed a thorough knowledge of the unique challenges and opportunities faced by the sector.

Our products and solutions assist in improving service delivery, reducing costs and ensuring the right data is on hand in case of emergency.

From road maintenance planning and signage audits to rapid response during fires or floods, we help ensure all your stakeholders are empowered and correctly informed.

Data Capture & Asset Mapping

We deliver high resolution panoramic 3D imagery to government agencies with cloud-based distribution and viewing tools for easy access and sharing.

Rapid data collection can capture very large areas within days – giving you a millimetre perfect record of roads, signage, trees and vegetation or other infrastructure.

Our ground and aerial vehicle mounted capture systems incorporate LiDAR scanners, GPS, high-resolution cameras, weather sensors, 4K video, thermal infrared and more – ensuring you have a complete picture of your community.

Data Processing & Analysis

Data is only valuable if you can use it to make the right decisions. The right decisions reduce costs, keep communities safe, prevent down-time, and keep people moving.

Through machine learning, robotics and powerful analysis we automatically analyse spacial data to identify assets, infrastructure and defects or degradation – as well as predicting some failures before they occur.

Visualisation & Reporting

Communities, assets and infrastructure are complex.

Information is only useful if you have powerful yet intuitive tools to explore it and generate reports.

Our cloud-based solutions ensure that you have access to the information you need, where and when you need it – for strategic decisions, compliance or maintenance.

We transform detailed network data and imagery into a millimetre perfect digital-twin of your networks coupled with powerful tracking and compliance reporting capabilities.

Mobile Workforce Management

Manage your mobile workforce and streamline your operations using our map-based solution – FMC

FMC allows you to plan all field-based activities from the office browser, share data with crews in the field, and manage your staff and resources efficiently. By integrating with your spatial data, FMC allows you to optimise your planning, provide field navigation and easily track crew activities.

Data Maintenance

Complete, accurate and timely information about assets is essential to the efficient, effective and, above all, safe delivery of services.

It’s also vital for fast and confident emergency response activities.

Our model guarantees the accuracy of your asset and infrastructure data. Ensuring it is correct from the moment it is entered in the field or at a desk to the moment you call on it for any critical decision.

FMC – The mobile planning tool for emergency response, law enforcement, government and more.

A map based software solution to manage your mobile workforce and streamline your operations.

Wherever your field teams go, whatever they do, FMC goes with them – providing an efficient two-way ‘occasionally connected, always available’ operation.

FMC is perfect for disaster response as it can be rapidly scaled and rolled out to teams with diverse requirements whilst ensuring managers and coordinators have a current and accurate understanding of the situation.

Case Study: City of Greater Geelong

The City of Greater Geelong had a legal requirement to record an inventory of road signs and also required an inventory of all street trees.

Collecting information on both these asset types by traditional survey methods was considered prohibitively expensive and an alternative approach was needed.

Geomatic Technologies provided an inventory of road signs and trees using an automated technique which could differentiate and record attributes of each sign and tree, thus saving on significant manual efforts.

Expert Q&A: Mobile workforce management and FMC with Daniel Pendlebury

Effectively managing field teams is a major requirement for government and the public sector. We speak with Daniel Pendlebury about Mobile Workforce Management and the Geomatic Technologies solution FMC including how it helps in disaster recovery and compliance.

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