Scalable collection, processing and delivery of communications asset information.

Working with leading telecommunications businesses

For over two decades we have worked in the collection, processing and delivery of field asset data for telecommunications infrastructure owners, operators and maintainers across Australia.

Whether to manage risk, control operational costs, or meet regulatory compliance. our technology-based solutions solve some of the most complex problems faced by large telecommunications networks.

“Telecommunications infrastructure is just as critical as electricity, water, and transport. 

Our track record of successful telco projects speaks for itself.”

Andrew Margetts
General Manager, Geomatic Technologies

Data Capture & Asset Mapping

We have the technology, people and experience to offer telecommunications businesses the most comprehensive and cost effective data capture services available.

Our ground and aerial vehicle mounted capture systems incorporate LiDAR scanners, GPS, high-resolution cameras, weather sensors, 4K video, thermal infrared and more – ensuring you have a complete picture of your network.

Data Processing & Analysis

Our end to end LiDAR and imaging solutions are critical for analysing existing electrical infrastructure for the placement of new telecommunications infrastructure – such as in large optical fibre roll-outs.

Using machine learning and powerful analysis our solutions help you discover and explore the links between environment, operations, service quality, asset condition, reliability and safety.

Visualisation & Reporting

Fast access to accurate, reliable information and reports is critical for people across your business.

Whether for strategic decisions, compliance or maintenance, our solutions ensure that your staff get the information they need, regardless of whether they are in the office or out in the field.

Mobile Workforce Management

Our map-based solution FMC, helps you manage your mobile workforce and streamline your operations.

FMC manages critical field-based activities including inspections, defect management, replacements, faults and outages, and vegetation management.


An innovative solution that allows you to rapidly and cost-effectively capture a comprehensive 3D view of your network.

AIMS3D provides a highly accurate digital-twin of your real-world infrastructure, accessible across your business via a standard web browser.

Merging panoramic imagery and LiDAR sensors, AIMS3D efficiently maps, measures and records networks without the need for traditional, time consuming survey methods.

Features include:

  • Virtual inspections using hi-resolution imagery
  • Millimetre accurate to support cable roll-out
  • Plan maintenance work remotely, quickly and cost-effectively
  • Integrates with existing enterprise systems

Expert Q&A: UAVs with Gary Butcher

UAVs are changing the way network assets are inspected. We talk to Gary Butcher, Solutions & Innovation Capability Manager, to get the low-down on the high-up perspective UAVs are providing.

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