Mechanised Track Patrols

Track inspections – The safer, faster, cheaper way

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Product Overview

Mechanised Track Patrol (MTP) delivers high-quality, auditable data to support safer and more effective track inspections.

By giving track walkers the tools to perform a track-walk off track on a desktop, safety is significantly improved and expert knowledge and skills are preserved.

Data collection occurs at normal line speeds, while track inspection is performed using specialist software that mimics how a track walk is traditionally performed.

Integration with enterprise systems completes the migration from paper-based systems to auditable electronic records.

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Servicing every stage of from capture to inspection


A tuned array of digital camera, lighting and location reference technology that collects synchronised position information and high-resolution images of the rails, tracks and right-of-way.

  • High resolution digital imagery
  • In cabin audio commentary
  • Accurate inertial and GPS data
  • Applicable to any rail network and can be incorporated into any inspection protocols
  • No need for special-purpose inspection vehicle — install on existing revenue and maintenance vehicles.


Captured data can be transferred rapidly so you can begin inspections ASAP.

  • Fast transfer using portal storage devices
  • Transfer over fibre networks
  • Interfaces with common asset management platforms to support integrated and sustained defect management


Data storage occurs in real-time at normal line speeds through powerful compression and storage processes.

  • Real-time image and data compression and storage
  • All day recording
  • Accurate location data stored – even underground
  • Fully digital data collection for better systems integration


A software application with an intuitive user interface that allows your track inspectors to review imagery from any camera at any point along the track, using inspection skills honed in the field.

  • Improve the safety, accuracy and quality of inspections
  • Integrates with your current systems
  • Raise and monitor defects
  • Fully auditable reporting
  • Imagery and data can be used to train inspectors

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