Data Maintenance

Reducing the cost of your data maintenance without compromising service, security or safety.













A lot is at stake. Data integrity is essential.

We know your business, we know data and we are committed to innovation. Our data maintenance model has been specially developed to meet the requirements of utilities and network owners.

We reduce the cost of data maintenance without compromising service, security or safety — meaning you can be certain what you see in your systems is the same as what’s going on in the field.

“Geomatic Technologies managed the transition to this new model in an extremely challenging timeframe while ensuring existing business-as-usual services.

David Matassoni
Manager – Network Business Process, AusNet Services

Your business depends on high-quality asset data.

Complete, accurate and timely information about assets is essential to the efficient, effective and, above all, safe delivery of services. It’s also vital for a fast and confident response in an emergency.

Increasingly businesses rely on high-quality data to proactively manage, optimise operations and identify opportunities. Analysis and insight based on this data also guides strategy, drives innovation and allows the business to realise the maximum return on investment on their assets.

Volume and value of data is increasing. It’s never been more important to remove complexity and inaccuracy.

Data maintenance costs reduced by up to 40%

A fast and cost effective data maintenance program without compromising service, safety and information security.

Our investment in offshore partnerships throughout all aspects of process design, systems, standards and training means that you can take advantage of the considerable cost savings of off-shore data maintenance without risk.

Rapid deployment. Immediate benefits.

Our analysts work with your teams on a rigorous definition of requirements to ensure we design a solution that will run smoothly for your business from day one.

The design of our model means we are constantly looking for opportunities to improve process design and contract management practices—improvements that are passed through to you as system improvements and lower fees.

We take responsibility for contract and resource management, flex to suit your
requirements – freeing up your staff for other business needs.

LOCA Platform

Unlock the value of your spatial data

As the volume of spatial data continues to rise, organisations need ways to effectively store, manipulate, validate and visualise this information.

Loca can be tailored to your needs, offering a proven solution to support your enterprise information management in a powerful, cost-effective way.

  • VIEW your data on a map making it easier to visualise, analyse and understand.
  • VERIFY and update address and property data from authoritative data sources including your own data.
  • TRANSFORM spatial data with powerful tools and processes.
  • MANAGE your data securely with enterprise wide access to spatial data.

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