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Vegetation Management

Developed for infrastructure

With over 15 years experience in workforce management solutions, we are at the cutting edge of efficient, reliable field operations. FMC – Our mobile workforce management platform has been developed in conjunction with utility network experts to address the challenges of managing maintenance programs in highly regulated environments.

Created, supported and maintained in-house by our dedicated team of industry professionals, systems experts, and service delivery managers FMC gives you everything you need to effectively manage your mobile workforce – whether for vegetation management, asset management, metering or data collection.

Manage. Monitor. Maintain.

Enabling efficient field operations and supporting the needs of utility management programs including – Assets, Vegetation, Metering and Data Collection.

The modular nature of FMC means it can scale as your business and requirements grow.

Deployed as a stand-alone solution or easily integrated with enterprise systems GIS tools and asset databases, FMC delivers detailed and intelligent reporting and management of your field operations; when where and how you need it.

Driving value through mobility.

Greater visibility and management of staff and contractors, means you can extract maximum value from your workforce.

Manage all field-based activities from your desktop or mobile device – optimise planning, provide field navigation, track crew activities and make sure teams arrive fully prepared for each job.

Keeping you compliant.

Maintaining complete program management records across multiple sources and systems is difficult.

FMC has been developed in accordance with industry guidelines and regulations, providing clear and accurate reporting to fulfill your compliance obligations quickly and easily.

For further peace-of-mind, particularly in the wake of major events, detailed historic records are also available to demonstrate the assessement and rectification works to your network at a granular level.

Stay connected. Stay informed.

Better maps + Better Data = Better Decisions.

The efficient and robust ‘occasionally connected, always available’ system means work never stops. The advanced map functionality allows you to see the location of assets and work crews at any time.
Combining the above with real time data validation means you can make decisions based on information that is correct and current every time.

End-to-End Vegetation Management

Capture – Assess – Report – Action

Fast, detailed network & vegetation Data – including LiDAR

Capture – Assess – Report – Action

Hazard trees, classification, prioritisation and automated encroachment detection

Capture – Assess – Report – Action

Simple compliance and powerful information – including costs, status and more

Capture – Assess – Report – Action

Cutting programs, job allocation & contractor management

Simplified Vegetation Management – on your desk and in your hand

A solution specifically for vegetation management in electricity network environments – developed, proven and refined for over 15 years.

  • Real-time reports on work progress
  • Photos, location and history for each asset and work activity
  • The right crew assigned to the right job
  • Track contractor performance
  • Automated procedures on mobile devices
  • LiDAR integration

Expert Q&A: Mobile workforce management and FMC with Daniel Pendlebury

Effectively managing field teams is a major requirement for infrastructure businesses. We speak with Daniel Pendlebury about Mobile Workforce Management and the Geomatic Technologies solution FMC including how it helps in disaster recovery and compliance.

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