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Making sense of your spatial and asset data – whatever the source













Our unfair advantage

Through constant innovation and decades of industry experience we have built a market leading understanding of how powerful asset insights and information benefits critical infrastructure.

We are at the forefront of cloud based big-data processing, machine learning and data analytics, providing absolute confidence you have the most comprehensive information about the condition, location and status of your assets.

You know your data has value. We find it.

Data is only valuable if you can use it to make the right decisions.

The right decisions reduce costs, protect your people from harm and prevent down-time. Our smart tools and processes analyse big-data from multiple sources and provide you with accurate, reliable answers in a fast, cheap and automated way. We keep up with the latest advances in data technology and analysis for you, so you can concentrate on running your network.

More than just LiDAR.

The 3D model of your network is just the beginning.

Whether it’s rail assets, poles and wires or other critical infrastructure – LiDAR only becomes useful after smart algorithms and expert analysis have been used to extract network asset information.

Using scalable cloud based processing we efficiently extract key information from large datasets. We turn millions of spatial data points into usable information, empowering you to make informed decisions.

Explore the links between environment, operations, service quality, asset condition, reliability and safety. We bring together spatial, location, image, environmental, time series data and more.

Seeing what’s what.

Automated recognition of features, potential defects plus expert manual assessment delivers a step-change in the cost and risks associated with infrastructure management.

For vegetation management, clearance and encroachment issues or complex network-wide investigations, our solutions provide the most efficient and comprehensive data processing and analysis that allows key insights into your network to be delivered back as meaningful information.

Make sure it’s safe.

Make sure it’s working.

Make sure it’s right.

You run a complex, constantly changing network. Assets get damaged, degraded, or reach end-of-life and new assets are introduced.

Our solutions allow for full or partial network scans – providing quick, accurate identification of poor or defective asset condition – ensuring you make the right maintenance or replacement decisions.

We also rapidly assess clearances and capacity for new and proposed infrastructure and equipment against your existing network.


An innovative solution that allows you to rapidly and cost-effectively capture a comprehensive 3D view of your network.

AIMS3D provides a highly accurate digital-twin of your real-world infrastructure, accessible across your business via a standard web browser.

Merging panoramic imagery and LiDAR sensors, AIMS3D efficiently maps, measures and records networks without the need for traditional, time consuming survey methods.

Features include:

  • Virtual inspections using hi-resolution imagery
  • Millimetre perfect accuracy
  • Plan maintenance work remotely, quickly and cost-effectively
  • Check clearances and encroachments remotely
  • Integrates with existing enterprise systems

Expert Q&A: Capturing & visualising assets with Mark Merida

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