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Informing infrastructure

Infrastructure networks are becoming more complex and the demands placed upon them from consumers and regulators are constantly increasing. Detailed asset data is important but only with powerful and intuitive tools to search, interrogate and share information.

Our extensive experience in critical infrastructure, combined with in-house programming expertise and leading research and development means our reporting and visualisation tools are proven to deliver what you need, when and where you need it.

Your information & reports.

At your desk or in your hand.

You need to get information in front of the right people fast.

Our solutions ensure that location, distance and time aren’t a barrier to decision making and productivity.

Whether it’s reports for strategic management decisions, complex interactive maps for your engineers or real-time feedback from your field crews – we ensure can give your people the information they need.

Your compliance requirements covered.

When it comes to compliance, you need immediate access to the right information – wherever you are.

Our decades of experience working with critical infrastructure including rail, electricity, water and telecommunications means we know the compliance burdens you face. Our systems and solutions are built from the ground up to give you peace of mind when it comes to compliance and regulatory requirements.

View your data – whatever the source.

Accurate, reliable reports are critical to successful business and in remaining compliant with regulations.

Our systems support and accommodate data from a wide range of different sources – including legacy and enterprise systems, third party products and public data-sets.

Secure onshore data processing & management

We maintain comprehensive data security and processing measures so your information is protected.

Our scalable solutions are powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) ensuring have access to information and reports when you need it without compromising speed or security.


An innovative solution that allows you to rapidly and cost-effectively capture a comprehensive 3D view of your network.

Merging panoramic imagery and LiDAR sensors, AIMS 3D efficiently maps, measures, documents and records networks without the need for traditional, time consuming survey methods

LOCA Platform

Unlock the value of your spatial data

As the volume of spatial data continues to rise, organisations need ways to effectively store, manipulate, validate and visualise this information.

Loca can be tailored to your needs, offering a proven solution to support your enterprise information management in a powerful, cost-effective way.

  • VIEW your data on a map making it easier to visualise, analyse and understand.
  • VERIFY and update address and property data from authoritative data sources including your own data.
  • TRANSFORM spatial data with powerful tools and processes.
  • MANAGE your data securely with enterprise wide access to spatial data.

Expert Q&A: Asset Capture with Mark Merida

Mark’s team are constantly pushing new technology to its limits in order to remain at the cutting edge of field capture. We talk to Mark about his multi-disciplinary team of field photographers, engineers, programmers and data specialists as well as the future of Asset Intelligence.

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